One of the most consumed fruits in the world, it's no wonder Mango is our best seller. While still somewhat exotic to North American diets, in tropical countries like India, The Philippines and Brazil it is a time-honoured dietary staple. We dry the Kent and Ataulfo varieties (pronounced with four syllables as A·ta·úl·fo) for their smooth texture and distinctive flavour. We also preserve the digestive enzymes: the fruit never exceeds 35 degrees Celsius in the drying process.

Pineapple is our second biggest seller and is made from the flavourful Cayenne variety. It contains significant amounts of Bromelain a crucial enzyme for digesting the dense proteins in meat and fish. Pineapple originates in Paraguay, probably among the Guarani people, made famous in the movie “The Mission”. High in vitamin C, pineapple was spread across the globe by British sailors who ate them to ward off scurvy.

If we had to name our best “endurance snack” it would definitely be banana. High in potassium and magnesium they help maintain stamina for staying-power sports like cycling, hiking and cross country skiing. The lime juice contrasts refreshingly with the sweet banana and unlike a fresh banana it never goes mushy in your pack. You’ll enjoy the taste as much as you enjoy your improved performance.

Our Tropical Mix is perfect for travel, lunch-boxes and camping. You can cut them into small pieces to replace raisins in cooking, salads, baking and on breakfast cereals. Surprise your taste buds by combining any two in one bite. We hope you enjoy them again and again in all their natural goodness.